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Air Hoops are our medium size and weight. They are smaller and lighter than our Earth hoops but not as light as our Polypro. The lighter the hoop the more you have to move quickly and work hard to ‘keep it up’ on the body. These are a nice medium weight and size for intermediate adults, or adults know they tend to learn progressions more quickly and want to focus on off body ‘tricks’ and start on multiple hoops. They are also great for smaller adults and children. We want you to pick up your hoop every day to enjoy your practice. We have found through 15 years of teaching and selling hoops that beginner adults will prefer our Earth Hoops and intermediate adults or smaller people will prefer our Air hoops and advanced hooper prefer the Ninja Hoops.

Most beginner adults enjoy having an Earth hoop for learning ‘on body’ moves and an Air Hoop for learning ‘off body’ moves in the first 6 to 12 months of practice.

Weight:  Weight is approximately 9 oz (250 kg).

Plastic-type 3/4″ O.D. HDPE: Outer diameter of the plastic tube is 3/4″. Wall is 1/16″. The plastic-type is High-Density Polyethylene, a plastic that offers a perfect amount of rigidity and flex and just the right amount of weight for learning hoop dance moves. This plastic is highly durable.

Size for hoop: is measured in inches and refers to the full assembled outer diameter size. See the size chart in the FAQ for size recommendations.

Dimensions in the ‘additional information’ tab refer to size when the hoop is coiled down for shipping.

Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 4 cm
Size for Air Hoop (outer diameter)

34 inch (standard), 30 inch, 31 inch, 32 inch, 33 inch, 35 inch, 36 inch