Ninja Hoops – 3/4″ and 5/8″ Polypro

Polypro is polypropylene plastic and therefore ultra-lightweight. These hoops are designed for practicing the more advanced hoop moves. They are durable but more vulnerable to cracking with hard impacts or forced bending therefore we do not recommend these for young children.

Taped hoops use gaffer tape (for grip) and some also have metallic tape (shinny and pretty). The untaped ‘naked’ hoops are coloured plastic. The naked and the single metallic are made with a strip of grip tape on the inside.

3/4″outer diameter polypropylene tubing. Choose between 31 and 35 inches wide. Approximately 8 oz.
5/8″ outer diameter polypropylene tubing. Choose between 26 and 32 inches wide. Approximately 6 oz
Wall is 1/16″

See our FAQ page for size chart.

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Showing all 3 results