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If you are in Ottawa, adult hooping classes and kid’s circus classes are offered by Sophie Latreille at the Glebe Community Center in Ottawa. If you live in another city check our suggestions at the bottom of this page.

For the Adult basic level hooping class, no experience necessary! Drop in for your first class in the first half of the session or better yet sign up for the whole progressive session.

Adult Intermediate/advanced level hooping class: If you’ve mastered some hula hoop basic moves, now take your hooping skills to the next level and learn intermediate and advanced moves. Grow your repertoire of tricks in order to allow freedom of movement and personal expression as you move with your hoop. Become more comfortable moving with the hoop and have fun with choreography. Pre-requisite: Being very comfortable hooping on the waist while turning, walking and moving your arms as well as having mastered basic off-body moves.

Kids circus classes (ages 8-14) include instruction in many different circus arts forms including hula hooping as well as juggling, poi, flower-stick, spinning plates, unicycling and acrobatic.

Hoops are available for class use and for sale before or after class. During the class you can try out different sizes and styles of hoop to get a feel for which is best before buying.

Sign me up! Info on schedule and registration is found here: www.ottawacircusschool.com/hooping

Want a reminder when registration opens? join our mailing list and select ‘Ottawa Circus School’.

Ideal clothing is stretchy and non ‘slippery’ such as cotton yoga clothes. For comfort avoid clothing with buttons and zippers. Hoops are provided during class, you can also buy a hoop at class.

Hooping in other cities

Many cities have a hooping community and use a local facebook group to connect with other for classes and jams. We encourage you to find other hoopers in your area or perhaps you might pioneer a group. Hooping.org is an online hooping magazing and great place for inspiration. There is a wealth of tutorial video online if you search for them.