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First choose which hoop is right for you.

Earth HoopEarth Hoops are made with adult beginners in mind. They are slightly bigger and heavier, giving them the perfect size and weight to help you learn to ‘keep the hoop up’ and get you dancing with your hoop. They are great for lots of on-body hooping and basic off-body moves. Buy Hoop Canada Earth Hoops.

Specs: 7/8″ outer diameter HDPE plastic tubing, 40 to 42 “, 12 oz


Air HoopAir Hoops are made with lighter weight tubing. These hoops are great for intermediate level hooping and for children or petite adults. You must move more quickly and more precisely with this size hoop, but it allows for more versatility in practicing off-body hoop manipulations. Buy Hoop Canada Air Hoops.

Specs: 3/4″ outer diameter HDPE plastic tubing, 33 to 37 “, 9 oz


Ninja Hoop 2

Ninja Hoops are ultra light weight. These hoops are designed for practicing the more advanced hoop moves. Buy Hoop Canada Ninja Hoops.

Specs: 3/4″ outer diameter Polypropylene plastic tubing, 33 to 35 “, 8 oz



Different sizes

The difference between these 3 styles is the type of tubing material used. The image here show the different materials. Also Earth hoops are made bigger.

Still wondering which style and size hoop to get? Check out our size chart on the FAQ page.